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Sunday, January 3, 2016

1-2 Blogging vs. Social Media

The last few days have been cold, cloudy and windy, we have not left the house. Due to this I have been blogging about a few other things, hope you don't mind.

A couple of days ago I talked a little about my past decade of blogging. When I began blogging had gotten really popular and millions of folks had blogs, while blogs are still big social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and Myspace have now become the thing to use. I think social media sites grew so large due to the advent of almost everyone getting a smart phone. Back when I started blogging almost everyone used a computer to access the web and they would read blogs from their computers. Today when someone makes a post to their social media site all of their followers can see it immediately and most do since they are glued to their phones. You no longer have to remember to check someone's blog. Even those of us who do not use smart phones can simply pull up Facebook or whatever social site we use and there are all of the posts from our friends and family. I guess since I don't use a smart phone I was very late to the social media party.

Social Media Icons

When we travel I try to update my blog as frequently as possible, in the beginning internet access on the road meant finding a McDonald's or somewhere else with internet access. Many times we would not have access for a week or so, this year we purchased a wireless hotspot, it is a device that works on a cellphone network and allows us to get an internet connection wherever we can get a cellphone connection.

For years when we traveled we would send out post cards to 10 or 12 friends and family. This year I joined Facebook, all of the people we sent postcards to are on Facebook so I simply make a Facebook post and everyone can see it. Not only can they see it but so do dozens of other folks we know and there is always immediate feedback from some number of folks. The vast majority of these people will never read my blog but they enjoy seeing my Facebook posts (and I enjoy seeing theirs). While social media is great for very short updates it certainly does not replace a blog where I can give much more detail. I think both have their place. What do you think? You can always leave me a comment.

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