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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1-25 and 1-26 First Two Days of Dancing in The Valley

Bit O Heaven
We're settled in our site at Bit O Heaven. There are over 800 sites and we don't have a lot of room between our neighbors. But the park is very well kept up and the folks staying there are friendly. There are many activities for people staying at park to do from aqua aerobics to horseshoe. They even have Wii Bowling, teams wear t-shirts of the same color and have competitions. There are two swimming pools, a spa and a recreation center for dancing, pot lucks and other entertainment. Bit O Heaven location is very convenient to the parks that are having the dancing so Larry doesn't have to drive too far.

We started our dancing adventure by attending a Plus Dance and a DBD Plus Workshop with Randy Dougherty at Pharr South in Pharr ten miles from Donna. Randy's home is in Mesa Arizona and he is a full-time traveling caller. In the morning we had nine squares for the dance. The afternoon session we had  five squares for the DBD workshop. There was an hour break in between the sessions so Larry and I went to McDonald's. We were happy to see a few dancers that we knew from other places. The squares in both the dance and workshop were run by a card that tells you which square you go in on which tip. Randy would tell you which tip it was and how many couples there were to determine what square you were in. In between the square dancing tips Randy cued one round dance song. Randy is a good caller.   

Margie Sherrill (cuer) and Butch Danielski (caller)
Today we attended one Plus Dance at Pine to Palm in Weslaco which is about ten miles from Donna. Butch Danielski did the calling and Margie Sherrill did the cuing for rounds. There were three squares and six couples round dancing. The park had a lot of people playing shuffle board. We only knew one couple, we met them yesterday at Pharr South. The other dancers were very friendly and Butch went around and visiting during the rounds. Margie and Butch worked well together. Butch Danielski is from Central Wisconsin and is very outgoing. We took the evening off from square dancing.

Butch Danielski calling the last tip
Having fun dancing to Butch
Enjoying dancing to Butch calling


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