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Thursday, January 8, 2015

1-8 Glue Dots

A bit different post today. Have you ever heard of Glue Dots?
Glue Dots are small dots of glue that you remove from a sheet of wax type paper and place them between two items that you wish to glue together. I first tried these when I was looking for a temporary way to glue a poodle applique on a pink skirt. We were having a 50's themed square dance and I wanted a poodle skirt but I thought I might like to wear the skirt some other time without the poodle, Glue Dots to the rescue. Now if you choose to use these be careful which one you buy, they have removable dots and permanent dots, by using a bunch of the removable dots I was able to attach the poodle, dance the night away and then remove the poodle, worked great. You can find these at Michael's and sometimes at Dollar Tree, Michael's has a large variety and Dollar Tree may only have one type. Larry has used the permanent ones on a couple of projects around the house and really likes them.
Careful With These

My Poodle
Lots of Poodles

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