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Sunday, January 11, 2015

1-11 Worry???

Do you worry? I recently attended a Eliza Gilkyson concert and Eliza talked about worrying, she worries about all kinds of things, Larry's mother also seems to worry and I also worry about far more things than I should, most of these worries are probably beyond our control. I think women worry more than men. It's not that I think men don't worry I just think they don't worry about near as much as women, they will gather information, analyze, make a decision and deal with it, whereas we will not only worry about making the decision but even after we make it we will worry about if our decision was right or wrong.

We also tend to worry about what if, what if this happens or that happens, what if the economy crashes, what if climate change is real, what if the car quits, the list can go on forever. Men seldom seem to worry about these things, they might make some statement about an issue and maybe even plan to avoid some issue but they don't really seem to worry much about them. I just came up with something new to worry about, I can now worry about why men don't worry like women do.

Now I know I should not worry, my current motto is Life is Good and in all honesty Life is good. Larry and I have a great life and since finishing the house our biggest decisions normally are what should we do next or where should we go next, these are certainly not decision to fret over. Must concentrate on the following......

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