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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sunday 4-23 Going to South Dakota



A fabulous day


We left Minnesota and went to South Dakota, where the weather is suppose to be warmer.

As we were driving we saw a lot of farmfields. When we entered into South Dakota we drove through Big Stone City where there is a small museum. It was closed but we drove around the area that had historic buildings and a big rock with a hook on it. We stopped and I took a picture of, the rock was Paul Bunyan’s boat anchor. On the anchor there was a plaque explaining the legend of Paul Bunyan being mighty in the sport of fishing. It was cool.


Hartford Beach State Park

Paul Bunyan’s Boat-Anchor

Next we headed to Hartford Beach State Park. When we arrived there was a sign explaining you must have a reservation even if you are only staying for the day you arrive, you have to call or use the web and you have to pay a fee for making a reservation, if you are not from South Dakota you pay more, you also have to pay a day use fee or purchase a yearly pass. We drove around to find a site, no problem considering no one was there. We saw a couple of men talking and figured one had to be the host. Larry stopped and asked how their park system worked and how to buy an annual park pass. They said you had to call and make a reservation but they could sell you an annual pass. They told us to find a site and one of them would come by. Larry called and made the reservation for two nights. While he was doing this one of the guys came by with the pass. Once that was done we were all set for the next couple of days.


Hartford Beach State Park-002

South Dakota welcome sign

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