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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Wednesday 2-6 Plus Dancing and Class

Having fun with friends

We had a wonderful day. It got up to 85 degrees but felt hotter because the humidity was once again really high.

I got a surprise, yesterday I received a Christmas present from Louise, it arrived via Amazon. It was a beautiful shawl. Now I have something else to wear square dancing. This morning I wore it dancing. I got lots of positive comments. People thought I bought it in Mexico. Thank you Louise.

The front of the shawl

The back of the shawl
We started the day off by going to the J-Five get together. We hadn't been there in a week so it was fun getting caught up on what's happening in the park. The donuts did not arrive until after the meeting started so they stopped the meeting for a few minutes.

Our morning dance was with Joe Saltel, it was his Wednesday Plus Dance. He had 82 couples, which was 20 and a half squares. We danced with Jeanne, James, Carolyn and Burt. We sat out the last tip and Dee was dancing the man's part so she wore my hat, that way the square knew she was dancing the boys part. It worked out great for the square. We had great squares of dancers. We had a super time dancing to Joe and friends.

Joe Saltel calling the Plus Dance

Jeanne and Dee having fun dancing together

In the afternoon we went to the Peppermint Palace for our C1 class with Bronc. We had two squares, five couples were taking the class. Bronc went over another seven moves and reviewed a few more. The class is going good and we're having fun learning the moves.

We usually go to a C1 class with Randy on Wednesday nights but this week the park is having something else in the hall. We stayed at home and relaxed with a book. We had an outstanding day. 

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