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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Wednesday 2-20 Finishing C1 Lessons

We had a gorgeous day of sunshine. It started out a little nippy but it got up to 70 degrees.

Sun shining day

In the morning we went over to the our park get together. It's always nice to hear about what's going on in the park. Comfort House is a local hospice that is free to anyone. Every year they have a walk/run to raise funds, some folkls from J-Five are going to do the walk and they needed sponsors so they passed a hat. A lot of people put money in the hat, in fact the hat was full. We believe hospice care is extremely important and it is one of our donations every year.

After the get together we went to Darryl Lipscomb's A dance at Pharr South. We had eight squares plus an extra couple. Our friends from Sun City were there. The last tip was an open tip so we got to dance with them. Karen Tripp did one line dance which I participated in. We had a great time.

In the afternoon we went over to Peppermint Palace to do our C1 class with Bronc Wise. This was our last day of class with him and he invited us to his C1 workshop. We had exactly one square and all the couples were students. It was a lot of fun.

In the evening we went over to Alamo for our last night of C1 classes with Randy Dougherty. We had exactly one square, two of the couples were students and two were experienced C1 dancers. We had a super time. Randy had already invited us to his C1 workshops but tonight he also invited us to his C1 dances.

It took seven weeks of classes with Darryl, Bronc and Randy to get through all the C1 moves, about 80 moves are on the list. For the remainder of our stay in the Valley we will be attending the C1 workshops and dances to get floor time. We're very excited.

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