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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Tuesday 2-12 Just Having Fun

Having fun with friends

We started the day out by going to the Tropic Star. On the way into the hall we ran into Barb and Larry walking their dog, we dance with them at the Sundancers in Sun City. Larry and Larry have been communicating via email and it looks like we will dance with them Friday morning and possibly Saturday night.

For this mornings A dance Joe had eight and a half squares. Jim asked us to join their square for the Hot Hash tip at the end of the dance. We had three squares. A Hot Hash is where the caller starts calling at a normal speed and then keeps speeding up as long as the dancers can keep up. We broke down once but it was a lot of fun. We had a fun time dancing to Joe and with our friends.

During the dance Joe announced that Bunny and Bob were celebrating their seventieth anniversary, WOW, 70 year together. Congratulations to them!!
In the afternoon I took a nap. Then I studied the C1 moves we will be introduced to tonight. I also worked on my annual book.
In the evening we went to Pharr South for our C1 class with Darryl Lipscomb. We had three squares, five of the couples were students. Darryl introduced us to seven more moves. Wow, we're about 75% through the moves. We still need floor time in order to know the moves. You can memorize the definition of the calls but until you dance the calls over and over you will not be very proficient.


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