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Monday, May 21, 2018

Sunday 5-20 Dancing A1 to Dan Clairmont

Rainy Morning

Larry woke up to sprinkles, when I woke up it was overcast and very humid.

So far this year our yard is looking good, Larry wants to keep it looking as good as possible so this morning he applied per-emergent. About two months ago he also applied per-emergent and fertilized.

About an hour later the rain came. It rained hard for awhile. Larry was looking out the back window and saw the turkey standing in the rain. He was soaked but didn't seem to care. What a crazy bird.
Earlier this year Larry rebuilt our motorcycle helmets and they work really well but the lining that goes over the foam doesn't like to stay in place. It has not been a big problem, you simply make sure the lining is in place before you put the helmet on but Larry wants to fix it. When he was rebuilding the helmets he experimented with different adhesives so he knows which one to use on the lining. Yesterday he glued the front and today he did the back. The sides are left to do.

While Larry worked on his projects I worked on my puzzle.

Dan Clairmont has been teaching five couples A moves and they have gotten through A1 and are going to start A2 this week. He decided to call a special dance for the students, he invited more experienced A dancers to come to the dance and help out. The dance was at 4:00 in Liberty Hill, which is 50 miles from the house. We weren't sure if we were going to go because of the rain but it was going away when it was time for us to leave. There were enough people for three squares. Everyone had a great time.

Having fun square dancing with friends

On the way home we stopped at Denny for dinner. When we got home we watched YouTube videos. Afterwards Larry read and I worked on my puzzle. I also worked out with Just Dance for a half hour. I hadn't worked out with Just Dance for over two months so it was tough but I was glad to do it. We had a great day. The rain cooled everything off and it felt good.  

Working out

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