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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Monday 5-7 Getting Back to Square Dancing

No matter what you do have a happy day!!!!

We started the day by going to the post office and restarting our mail, we also stopped at Walmart to pickup transmission fluid for the Minnie. When we got home Larry treated for bugs around the outside of the house and treated for weeds in the gravel that goes around the house. I did some Sudoku and daily challenges of Solitaire.
We have lived in the Belton/Temple area for five years now and the area is growing rapidly. One of our neighbors owns quite a number of empty lots in our development, he owns two lots to the left of us and two lots to the right, he also owned the three lots behind us. A few months ago he ended up selling the three lots behind us to a family who is going to build a house. While we were on our trip they cleared all the cedar tress off those lots. Of course we knew eventually all these lots would be built on but we sure liked having all the privacy. We decided to try adding mirrored tint to the back windows to lessen the chance of folks being able to see into the house. Larry and I installed the tint on one window to see if we like it or not. The tint is easily removable so if we don't like it we can simply take it off. If we do like it we will tint at least one more window.
Removing air pockets with a squeegee

Squeegeeing the extra water out of the film
The film on the left window and no film on the right window
In the evening we went to Sun City and square danced with the Sundancers. We hadn't been square dancing for almost seven weeks so we were a little rusty. Our friends were happy to see us back. We were happy to be back square dancing with friends and to Brad Caldwell. There were six squares during the dance. There was enough people to do an A tip. We had a super time dancing and visiting with friends and Brad.   
Square dancing is fun.

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