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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tuesday 5-23 Playing with new Sound Bar

Happy Day
It was overcast once again and we had some rain. We spent most of the day around the house.

Yesterday on the way to Sun City we stopped by the UPS Store and picked up another package from the Seeds Program, This morning Larry experimented with the Husky ratcheting straps and wrote a review. The straps are very well built but the directions on how to use them were not that clear. It took Larry a while to figure out how to loosen the straps once their tightened and the directions were of little help. He already has a really old pair of straps that he used when he hauled his motorcycle around in a truck but they are not ratcheting. He had fun playing with the straps.

The Husky Straps
Every since we bought our new TV last fall Larry has been looking at sound bars, our television actually sounds pretty good with the built in speakers so he has been on the fence. He was exploring them again yesterday and found a really good price on Best Buy's website for one that had been returned, about 30% less than Amazon. During the process of ordering the website said it would take a week or so for them to arrive, not a problem since we weren't in a hurry. He placed the order yesterday and they arrived today. Larry removed everything from the box and discovered the instructions and a cable was missing. He found the instructions online and he had a spare cable in his box of cables so we were good to go. He had no problems installing the sound bar, it actually sounds much better than the TV speakers and the cool thing about this sound bar is it works with the Alexa Dot. I can now simply say "Alexa, play Pandora" then "Alexa, connect" and the Dot will start playing whatever I was last listening to via the sound bar. I think the Alexa Dot thing was the real motivation for going ahead and buying this. The sound bar works great and using it via the Dot is really cool.

Sound Bar Box
While Larry played with the sound bar and the Husky Straps I vacuumed the house and did dishes. I also worked on my puzzle.

Doing Housework

Last March we got a new washer and dryer from the Home Depot Seeds Program, they are made by Samsung and I love them. Samsung had a recall on the washer, there were reports of it coming apart when it was on high spin with a heavy load. There were no reports of anyone getting hurt but it caused damage to walls and scared people. A representative had left us a phone message last fall saying that they were going to replace our washer with a new one, he never called back. Over the weekend Larry got on the Samsung website and filled out the recall form. The form gave us two options, we could get $838 dollars to buy a new Samsung washer or if we bought another brand they would give us $600 dollars, the second option was to have a technician fix the old one so it wouldn't blow up and they would add a year to our warranty. Did I mention I love this washer, simple decision, fix it. The technician showed up today at 1:30. He installed a bracket on both sides of the top of lid and the problem was solved. He was only here about a half hour.

For dessert I baked peanut butter cookies on the cast iron pizza pan in the oven. This time I put the pizza pan in the oven to preheat and baked them at 375 instead of 350. They came out perfect. I have been really impressed with this pan, everything I have baked on it has come out so evenly done. I can't believe how well it works for biscuits. During the evening we watched YouTube videos and Call the Mid Wife. Then watched a movie called Florence Foster Jenkins on Amazon. It starred Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant. It was a comedy, drama, biography about a New Yorker heiress's dream of becoming an opera singer. It was a good movie. We had a fun day.

Peanut butter cookies on the pizza pan


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