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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Tuesday 2-5 Terrific Tuesday

Last night we slept with the fan going. We have a digital thermostat on our air conditioner and yesterday it was warm enough that the AC turned on but last night it was cool enough that it remained off. The temperature got up into the mid 80s. 

We usually go to Joe Saltel's A2 Dance on Tuesdays but because Jeanne and James was here we decided to go to Bronc Wise's Plus Dance at the Peppermint Palace. He had over 15 squares and we had an outstanding time. Bronc had donuts so I guess we can call it a Donut Dance. Bronc has a great singing voice, his songs were up beat and the dancers were very energetic. The speed of the dance was perfect. The tips were all open so we danced with Jeanne and James a few tips. We also danced with our friends Burt and Carolyn from the Austin area. We danced with a lot of good dancers.

Bronc enjoying calling the dance

Dancers visiting before the tip begins

Burt and Carolyn having fun dancing to Bronc

James and Jeanne enjoying dancing with friends
In the afternoon we hung around the Minnie. I took a nap and walked around the park for a half hour.

After dinner we went to Pharr South for our C1 class with Darryl Lipscomb. There were enough people for three squares plus an extra two people. Half of the people were class members. We spent the night reviewing moves. When we had about a half hour left Darryl introduced us to one new call and worked us through it. We are having a great time learning new moves.


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