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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Saturday 2-9 Cold Wet Day

Cold wet day

We woke up to a brisk 41 degree. When I go to bed at night I lower the temperature to 66, that way it's comfortable to sleep. When Larry woke up he reset the thermostat to 72. When I woke this morning the heaters were both running and they ran for most of the day. It stayed in the low 40s.

We went over to the clubhouse for the Saturday get together. The donuts were there, Marty introduced the new people in the park and went over things that are going on, they drew names for door prizes and Mary did the closing of the meeting with a joke.

Yesterday, when I was barbecuing I was trying to get my steps done by stepping in place. My Garmin Vivofit 2 quit. There was no warning the screen just went black. Larry took it apart to get the battery number. This morning we went to buy new batteries. We went to two Walmart's, the 99 Cent Store, and Dollar General, nobody had them. Found them at CVS but their price was outrages, we ended up getting them at Target. We could have bought 10 from Amazon for less than we paid for two but we already have some at home. The chances that we'll use 10 of theses batteries are slim. The original batteries lasted over a year and when they needed to be replaced the device told me they were low. When we got back to the car Larry replaced the batteries and now I'm back in business. When we get home we will put a couple of spares in the Minnie, of course we might not remember they are there or where we put them.

After buying the batteries we decided to have lunch. We swung by Denny's but it was too busy so we ended up going El Pollo Loco. We had a coupon for a family dinner, that had four pieces of chicken, two small sides, four tortillas and your choice of a Loco Salad, Loco Nachos or tortilla soup and two Churros, we knew we couldn't eat all of that so we had them package it to go. We shared the nachos, a couple of tortillas and the Churros and took the rest home with us for dinner. The food was good.

Fried cinnamon bread stick
Our dinner from El Pollo Loco

The Mennonite organization had a fund raiser today from 8:00 to 2:00. We got there about 12:30 and were disappointed to find almost nothing there. All the quilts were gone and the booths were torn down. There were only a couple of tables with small items being sold. The food court didn't have any Mennonite food, just a vendor selling Mexican food. We thought maybe they would have some type of homemade dessert. No desserts.

A couple of years ago we went to a Mennonite festival in Indiana, it was huge, hundreds of quilts, buildings full of booths, horse drawn wagon rides and a food area with all kinds of homemade Mennonite food. We enjoyed homemade ice cream and a couple of pieces of pie.

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