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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Friday 2-8 Saying Good-bye to Jeanne and James

It's cold

The cold front is here, it didn't get out of the mid 40s and the wind blew out of the north all day.

This morning we said good-bye to Jeanne and James. We have had an outstanding week of dancing with them. It gave us a change to attend some Plus dances and have fun.

We went to Casa Del Valle to dance with Joe Saltel. He had 49 couples, which was 12 squares and an extra couple. He said it was the first time this season at this location where he had 12 squares, earlier this week at Tropic Star he had 20 squares. We danced with a lot of good dancers. Joe called a great dance. After the dance we said good-bye to James and Jeanne.

Joe calling his morning dance

James and Jeanne having fun dancing with friends

Ruth having fun dancing to Joe

 An hour later we were at Mission First Methodist Church to dance to Randy Dougherty. It was his Freaky Friday Dance. We had 27 couples, which was 6 squares and three extra couples and a single man. We were shy 1 person to make 7 squares. We had an outstanding afternoon dancing to Randy. Once again he called Counter Rotate in different positions. We had some of the same problems, sometime we succeed and sometimes we didn't. It was fun and everyone was laughing. We danced with excellent dancers.

Once back at the Minnie we stayed inside to keep warm. Our small heater was having a hard time keeping up so I got out our second heater. While keeping warm we did our routine of reading and I worked on my annual book. I did go outside a couple of times. I took the garbage to the dumpster and recycled our cans. The other time I barbecued hamburgers for dinner. 

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