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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Wednesday 7-10 Doing Projects

Busy doing projects

We spent the morning doing a few projects. It was going to be very hot and we were on heat advisory. The yards needed to be mowed so out came the lawn mower. I mowed the front and most of the back. While I was mowing Larry weedeated, sprayed for weeds and blew the drive and garage out. I had been mowing for about an hour and a half when Larry came to fill the mower up with gas. I was glad because I needed a rest. After Larry filled up the mower he finished mowing the yard.

Mowed the yards

Yesterday when we were at the lake Larry noticed that the fuel gauge on the boat wasn't working. He removed the panel that covers the tank and moved the connection around and the gauge started to work. This morning he took the connector apart and cleaned it, hopefully the problem is fixed.

Boat Project

Our motorcycle front tire has been losing air for awhile. Larry has been filling the tire up before we take it for a ride. A couple of weeks ago he bought a new tube but before replacing it he decided to replace the valve core and see if that stopped the leak. In the past two weeks the tire lost about 5 lbs of pressure so he decided to take it apart and replace the tube. When he ordered the new tube he also ordered some tools to remove the tire from the wheel. The new tools made the project go a lot faster and Larry was very impressed with them. After replacing the tube he aired the tire up, let the air out and aired the tire up again. He wanted to make sure that the tube didn't have any kinks or folds.

Motorcycle Project
Putting the tire back on the rim using the new tool

Removing valve core

The motorcycle tools that were used
In the afternoon Larry asked if I wanted to go to the lake. I was too tired because of the mowing. I read and worked on my annual book. Larry read.

As we were relaxing reading I checked out my flowers. They are more and more flowers growing. They are also coming up on our neighbor's lots where I planted some. 

Flowers going wild

When it was time for dinner I barbecued some Italian sausage patties. The new grill burner tubes worked perfect. As I was barbecuing I noticed that the sausages were barbecuing more evenly.

Barbecue Grill
In the evening we watched Hellboy II and then we watched an episode of Cadfael. When Larry went to bed I watched a few episodes of Murdock Mysteries. We had a great day.    

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