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Monday, July 22, 2019

Sunday 7-21 Boating

Boat Day

Sometimes we wonder why we still own a boat. Thirty years ago we moved to Texas and one of the first things we did was buy a boat. At the time we worked nights so we would go to the lake in mornings. Years went on and we bought a lot on a private ski lake (Aquaplex) just south of Austin in Creedmore, we then owned two boats, one for where we lived on Lake Travis and a tournament ski boat for Aquaplex. We would ski after work almost every day when the weather permitted. On the weekends we would ski twice in one day, in the morning we would ski on Lake Travis and in the afternoon we would ski on Aquaplex. After moving to Belton six years ago we have slowed down on going to the lake. The first year we went to the lake a lot but each year it seems to be less, this year we have only been to the lake six times, four in June and twice in July. It seems that I can always come up with an excuse not to go. I look at the wind and I see the trees moving so I say it's too windy, sometimes I am going to mow and I say I will be tired, other times it's because we're going square dancing. There have also been summers where we could not get into the lake until late due to the ramps being under water because we had too much rain. We also leave in August for our fall trip, before we started taking fall trips we would ski all the way into October. This is why we question why we have a boat. We always come back to we have a boat because we love water skiing, air chairing, wake boarding, wake surfing and swimming. We don't have to pay for storage because we built the house with a garage bay just for the boat. Back in the late 90's we hit a high of 94 days on the lake.

This morning the wind was down so we went to the lake. While there we both did a set of wake surfing and air chairing. This year the lake flooded and when the water was lowered the dock at Rogers Park was damaged. The other day when the Corp of Engineers put a chain and pad lock on the dock along with a sign saying not to use it. Without a dock Larry has to climb over the front of the boat to get on and off. The boat ramp was getting busy when we were leaving. After the boat on the trailer Larry pulled the boat outside the park so we could wipe it down. We had a super day on the lake. 

For the last two days the Bell County Expo Center had a mule and donkey show. We decided to go after lunch but when we got there the event was over and people were loading up and leaving, it was suppose to end at 5. On the way home we stopped by the Heart of Texas Goodwill Store. We walked around the store and found a couple of dvds (Hugo and Rango).

In the evening we watched Chocolate, we have watched this movie many times. It's a cute romantic movie. Afterwards we finished watching Cadfael. Then I watched a few episodes of Murdock Mysteries. We had a grand day. 

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