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Monday, July 29, 2019

Sunday 7-28 We're Home

There was a C1 dance this morning but we decided to pass on it and head home. When we went to leave the hotel the car would not start, the battery was dead. Larry has one of those really small jump packs that he moves back and forth from one vehicle to another, we had never used it to jump start a car, he hooked it up and the car started right up. Great device.

We had an outstanding weekend in Abilene dancing with friends and a great caller, Bill Haynes. The drive home was a peaceful on mainly two lane highway. It's Sunday so the traffic was really light. It's always great to get away but it's good to get back home.

When we got home I unpacked and did laundry. Larry removed the battery from the car and worked on a computer project. We were tried after dancing four two and a half hours sessions. 

A weekend of square dancing with friends

The other day when we went to the Goodwill Store we bought a couple of dvds. This evening we watched Rango. Rango is a cute animation movie starring Johnny Depp as Rango. Afterwards I watched a few episodes of Murdock Mysteries. 

Relaxing in front of the television

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