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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Saturday 7-6 Happy Saturday

Smile and have a great day

We had a great day. I spent a large part of my day playing my Solitaire Challenge Event: Solitaire World Tour, it had a total of 30 games and after 10 hours of playing I gave up. I had 2 games left to complete the games.

Yesterday, I wrote about our Weber grill. Larry decided to repair it. In the morning we went to The Home Depot where we bought a piece of metal to build a plate to cover the hole in the front of the grill, we also picked up a new igniter. When we got home Larry worked on the grill. It took him awhile to tear it apart and remove the burner tubes because one of the screws was rusted in. He ended up using his Dremel tool and grinding the screw out. Then he cut and installed the metal plate to patch the hole. After he finished he ordered a new set of burner tubes from Amazon. They won't be here until Tuesday so the grill will remain in pieces until then.

The plate for the hole in the grill

The hole that the plate goes over

While in town we stopped by the UPS Store to pick up our mail and a package that was waiting for us. The package was a pair of shoes from Orthofeet for Larry. They had Velcro straps instead of shoe laces. He doesn't like how they fit so he's going to ship them back to the company and replace them with a pair that ties. He has another pair of shoes from Orthofeet that he likes. 

This week Amazon has a special going on where you can rent some of the Avengers movies for $1.99. We hadn't seen Spiderman Homecoming so we rented it. It was a good movie. Afterwards I watched a few episodes of Murdock Mysteries.    

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