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Monday, November 16, 2015

11-13 Fantastic Day

Jerry Story
What a fantastic day!!! We got up this morning had breakfast and then we finished loading the Minnie. Larry likes to avoid interstates (especially I35) as much as much as possible so he rerouted the GPS to a bit longer route but it was a pretty drive and a lot less stressful. We left the house before lunch so we stopped in Corsicana at a Taco Casa. As we were driving we noticed water standing in the fields and along side the road. Obviously there had been a lot of rain, we began to worry a bit about the camp spots at Promenade Hall since they are simply spots in a field but when we arrived the field was in great condition. We setup the Minnie for the weekend. There were people already setup and they had dogs so Flo wanted to go play. She really wanted to play but she couldn't keep up with the other dogs. There were four other dogs, three of them were small dogs that were full of energy. The fourth dog was a Great Dame and lab mix he wanted to play but he was too big. One of the smaller dogs jumped at him so he jumped back and they played a little. Flo had a great time just meeting all the dogs.
Our friends Harold and Connie dancing to Jerry Story
Dancing DBD to Jerry Story

Round dancing to Walter Brewer
In the evening we went to the opening dance. We got there a little early to pay for the weekend and to visit with our friends and other dancers. There were fourteen squares and a lot of round dancers. We had an outstanding time at the dance. Jerry Story calls fast and this makes it more fun. We said hi to people we had met in Colorado at Fun Valley. After the dance Mina and John invited us over to their RV for coffee. We don't drink coffee but we had a great time visiting with them and getting to know them better. When we got home Flo was sound asleep on the couch. We had so much fun dancing to Jerry, we are looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

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