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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wednesday 11-22 What a wonderful day!!!!

Be happy and have fun

We had replaced the mattress in the Minnie last spring and the old mattress has been in the garage ever since. We also had the old refrigerator from the Minnie in the garage. Yesterday, Larry decided to get rid of them, he took pictures and then put them on Craig's List as free. He had just posted the refrigerator when we received a phone call from a gentleman who wanted it and said he would pick it up at 7:00 am today. We received another call a little later on the fridge and the lady said she would come right over to pick it up. Larry told her if the gentleman didn't show up he would be more than happy to give it to her. As we were getting ready to go to bed last night Larry checked his e-mail and found he had received a couple of e-mails about the mattress. He wrote the first person back and the gentleman said he would be by around 9:00 am today.

The gentleman arrived right on time for the fridge, he and Larry loaded it up in his truck and away it went. The gentleman that was interested in the mattress sent an email saying he couldn't make it so  Larry wrote the next person on the list. The lady called him and said her daughter would be by to pick it up. They showed up at 4:45. Now that the mattress and refrigerator are gone we have more room to walk around in the garage.

Old mattress and cover

Old refrigerator

While hanging around the house Larry finished up the panels for the new refrigerator and put them on the doors. He worked on writing reviews for three items for The Seeds Program. They were: The DigiPure 9000S water filter, Delta Cruzer sliding miter saw and Scale Watcher. While he was reviewing the items I read.

Delta Cruzer Miter Saw

DigiPure 9000S Water Filter

In the evening we watched YouTube videos and an episode of PBS American Experience called Battle of Chosin, it was a documentary about the Battle of Chosin Reservior during the Korean War. It was very informative. It talked about the Korean War and what the servicemen went through. We had a wonderful day.    

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