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Friday, November 3, 2017

Thursday 11-2 A Relaxing Day

Relaxing Day

We didn't have anything on the agenda so we just hung around the house all day. 

I hadn't done any house cleaning in over two months so I decided to clean the house. I dusted and vacuumed the house. 

Doing housework

Larry submitted his review of the Wagner Flexio 3000 paint gun. When he finished he loaded a book on the tablet for me to read, then he read off the Kindle. After I finished cleaning the house I started reading the book that Larry put on the tablet.

In the evening Larry and Patricia came to the house and we all went to Sun City to dance A with the Sundancers. We had enough people for two squares and a couple couples sitting out. We had a super evening of dancing with friends. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

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