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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Friday 11-3 This and That

Doing Errands

What's on the agenda? Well, not too much. Sunday, we're going to go our monthly DBD dancing in Braircliff and I plan to bake cookies to take with us. This morning I read the direction on the box and it said I needed an egg. I told Larry I needed to get eggs. He also wanted to pick up a few things in town.

Off to town we went. The first stop was at the UPS Store to pick up our mail. Larry had ordered a new switch for the water heater in the Minnie and it was in. The next stop was at Walmart for the eggs. We like putting water flavoring in our water and Walmart carries a root beer flavoring we like so we picked some up. 

Next we went across the street to Dollar Tree to buy some more of the Lance cookies and bleach for the septic system.  

Larry's next project on the Minnie was to build an extension for the water hose to fill the water tank and he needed some parts to do so. We went to Ace Hardware where he picked up some flexible hose. He also wanted to install a new security camera so we picked up a plug he needed.

The last stop was O'Reilly Auto Parts to get a can of throttle body cleaner to use on the car.

When we got home Larry made the water hose extension. Then he replaced the water heater switch in the Minnie.

Next up was installing the new camera. He received the camera for free from EZViz, he was able to pick one of two different cameras and both were pink, they were also indoor cameras. He has been using another of their indoor cameras mounted under the eve of the house for over a year and he wanted to mount the new one under an eve by the garage. There is a light there where he could get power. Now we have a total of four security cameras covering the front of the house. While Larry was busy doing a few projects I finished reading a book on the tablet that I started yesterday.

The camera installed above the light on the garage

EZVIZ Mini Security Camera

In the evening we watched YouTube videos. Then we watched the last episode of the third season of Sherlock and started the fourth season. We had a relaxing evening. 

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