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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Tuesday 11-6 Just Another Day

Just hanging around

We didn't even leave the house today. Larry spent much of the day reading and I worked on my annual book.

Relaxing with a good book

The lots behind us have been cleared for awhile. Today a crew showed up and worked on putting up the support boards for the foundation. There is a lot of rock in the area so they brought a rock saw to cut through the rock for the footers. The new neighbor is going to have a tall foundation, the farther back you go on the lot the more of a slope there is. When we built our house we had the same problem and our foundation in the back is over five feet tall.

Cutting through the rock with a rock saw

Putting up the foundation support boards

In the evening we finished the sixth season of Doc Martin. I finished watching the second season of Murder In Suburbia.  

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