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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Saturday 11-3 Visiting Louise

Gorgeous Day

We woke up to a gorgeous day of sunshine and a breeze. The wind stayed around all day.

Louise e-mailed Larry the other day letting him know that her waterbed mattress, mattress cover and liner came in. This morning on our way to Round Rock we stopped at Rudy's for a breakfast taco, we love their breakfast tacos but there are no Rudy's anywhere near us, it has been years since we have been to one. The first thing we did at Louise's was remove her old waterbed mattress. It was a semi-waveless mattress and there was so much water trapped inside the filler we could not lift it. We had to force more water out by folding it up and pressing it down with our knees. Once we got all the water out that we could we were able to roll it out of the frame and Larry dragged it out to Louise's front yard. Then Larry cut the mattress open and removed the filler. Larry was surprised that it came out in one piece because when we replaced our waterbed mattress our filler came out in a million pieces. Once the filler was out Louise spread it out so it could dry. When it is dry she will be able to throw it away in her trash receptacle. Next Larry and I removed the old liner and installed the new one, then we installed the new heater, after that we spread the new mattress evenly on the liner. Larry connected a garden hose to the bathroom sink and started filling the waterbed with warm water. As the waterbed was filling we made sure that it was evenly spread out. Once the mattress was full Louise and Larry put the new mattress pad on the bed. Now Louise can sleep in her waterbed once again.

Filling the waterbed mattress

Louise's waterbed ready to be used

Drying out the filler

After doing the waterbed project we had lunch. Louise had bought a Papa Murphy's pepperoni pizza. For our dessert we had Halloween leftover Halloween candy. Louise didn't have anyone come by on Halloween night. We had another great visit with Louise and Alice.

When it was time for dinner I made potato empanadas. The other day we watched a YouTube video on making Puff Pastry Potato Pockets. They were fried in oil, I thought I would try making them into Empanadas using the Puff Pastry Sheet we have leftover and bake them. They tasted kind of bland so I won't make them again.

In the evening we relaxed in front of the television and watched an Amazon Original Series called Homecoming. We watched the whole season. It starred Julia Roberts and Bobby Cannavale. It was very good.  Then I finished watching No Offense. I really like the series but it would have been a lot better without the bad language. We had a very nice day. 

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