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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Saturday 11-10 Super Day of Dancing

Beautiful sunny day

We woke up to 28 degrees and sunshine. It got up to 52 degrees but the wind made it cold all day. 

We had three sessions of great dancing. During two workshop sessions Darryl Lipscomb worked on the belle and beau concepts. Jerry introduced us to a made up move called Follow Your Fannie, he combined two plus moves: Follow Your Neighbor and Fan the Top. In between the workshops we had a two hour lunch break. During the workshops we had seven squares. They were a lot of fun. After the last workshop we had a five hour break to rest up for the closing dance.

In the evening we had seven squares of dancers and a couple extra. In between the square dancing tips there was a round dancing with about 10 couples. We had another great night of dancing.

Lake Murray Lodge

The room we danced in

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