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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Monday 3-5 Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day with wind. A front came through around noon with a few sprinkles and wind. The clouds went away but the wind stayed. 

In a few weeks we're going to go on our Spring Trip so we need to do a few projects before we go. This morning we started on the projects. 

Larry spent the day making changes to the motorcycle carrier. We started off by disassembling the carrier and turning plate around so that the back of the motorcycle is by the ladder. The carrier came with a stabilizer but it did not work correctly with our hitch so Larry installed a different one that works much better. Once the motorcycle is loaded on the carrier it partially blocks the tail lights on the Minnie. We can't have this considering other drivers may have troubles telling when you're turning or braking.  Larry ordered a couple of light strips for the carrier, one strip for each side. 
Motorcycle Project
To install the new lights Larry had to drill holes in the carrier. Next he he bolted the lights to the carrier. Once both strips were mounted he had to build a wiring harness so they would work with the lights on the Minnie. After finishing up the wiring we tested it out and got it working. The light strips look great.
Measuring where to drill the holes on the carrier

Screwing the light strip to the carrier

Lights before the wiring harness was connected
Working on the carrier took all day and I helped as needed.
In the evening we watched YouTube videos and a documentary called Somewhere Else Tomorrow. The documentary was about a gentleman riding a motorcycle around the world. It was very interesting.   
Relaxing in front of the television

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