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Monday, May 23, 2016

5-20 & 5-21 Hill Country Happenin’


Hill Country Happenin'

Jerry Story and Johnny Preston calling the opening dance

For two days Larry and I were at The Hill Country Happenin’ in Fredericksburg. The event was square dancing and round dancing. They invited Jerry Story and Johnny Preston to call the square dances and workshops. Lucy and Jerry Pate were invited to cue the round dances and workshops.

Friday May 21, 2016

This morning we finished getting the Minnie ready to go. While I was doing this Flo kept me company in the Minnie. After I finished loading the cold stuff into the refrigerator Larry emptied the tanks. Larry backed the car into the garage and then put the car dolly on the Minnie. Then he loaded the car onto the dolly and strapped the car securely to the dolly. Once the car was loaded we were ready to go. We left the house about 9:30. We had 141 miles to go. The opening dance wasn’t until 8:00, pre-rounds started at 7:30 so we had plenty of time. This was the first time Larry has towed the car on a trip so he was excited to see how well the car towed. We stopped a couple of times to make sure the straps were tight. We arrived at The Hill Country RV Park around 1:00 and checked in. While Larry was checking in I walked Flo around the place. When he finished he drove the Minnie to our spot and I walked Flo to it. Once Larry was in the spot he unloaded the car off the dolly. He said unloading the car was easier than loading it. The car towed excellently and the straps stayed tight. When the car was unloaded I made lunch.

After lunch we went to Walmart, I forgot to bring Flo’s Bufferin aspirins. Afterwards we drove around town and found where the dance hall was. It was easy to find. When we got back Larry and I took a nap. Larry woke up before I did so he took Flo for a walk. When they got back I was visiting with the neighbors. The neighbors have a dog and he wanted to say hi to Flo. Larry and Flo came over to say hi. When it was time for dinner I made tacos. After dinner I took Flo for another walk and then we sat outside for a little while.

Hill Country Happenin' Friday Dance -005

Lucy Pate cuing the round dancing

Hill Country Happenin' Friday Dance -002Hill Country Happenin' Friday Dance -004

Friends round dancing

Hill Country Happenin' Friday Dance -011

Yasuko and Jerry round dancing

Hill Country Happenin' Friday Dance -018

Jerry Story and Johnny Preston calling the square dancing tips

Hill Country Happenin' Friday Dance -014Hill Country Happenin' Friday Dance -017

Our friends doing the Star Tip

In the evening Larry and I went to the square dance. There were 15 squares and a lot of round dancers. We had a blast. We danced every tip except for the Star tip at the end. We would have danced the Star Tip but we were too tired. This was the first time we had danced to Johnny Preston and he was great. Jerry also did a super job. It was nice how they called the dance. Jerry and Johnny did two tips a piece and called two tips together. Some of the dancers had been at The High Level DBD event we had just finished. We also danced with dancers we hadn’t seen in awhile and there were a few dancers that we did not know. It was nice to see our round dancing friends. Lucy did an excellent job of cuing the rounds. Jerry danced every round while Lucy cued. We had a fantastic time.    

Saturday May 21, 2016

This morning Larry and Flo woke up at 6:30. Larry crawled out of bed I decided to sleep a little longer. Larry fed Flo breakfast and then he got dressed and took her for her morning walk. When they got back I got up and got dressed, then I made breakfast, really easy, I through a few dinner rolls in the oven. Our workshop wasn’t until 10:30 so we had some time to relax. On the schedule today there are two workshops, each one was an hour and a half. In between each workshop there was an hour and a half for lunch. The morning workshop we had 10 squares. Jerry and Johnny worked on a few moves people were having trouble with. The afternoon workshop had six squares, some folks had decided to rest this afternoon so they could dance tonight. Jerry and Johnny worked on Relay The Deucey, Explode The Wave and Cast Off 3/4. In between the workshops we came home and took care of Flo and had lunch. We were happy that we had four and a half hours before the dance tonight so we could rest. We had a great time doing the workshops. 

Saturday Workshops-003Saturday Workshops-004

Our friends dancing during the afternoon workshop

In the evening we went to the closing dance. There were once again 15 squares of dancers and a lot of round dancers. We sat out one tip but we did the Star Tip. We had a super night of dancing with friends. We had two outstanding days of dancing in Fredericksburg.   

Saturday Night Dance-001Saturday Night Dance-002

Round dancing to Lucy and Jerry Pate cuing

Saturday Night Dance-005Saturday Night Dance-008Saturday Night Dance-010

Square dancing to Jerry Story and Johnny Preston

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