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Monday, February 11, 2019

Sunday 2-10 Beautiful Sunday

Beautiful sunny day

When we got up it was in the 40s and nippy. By the end of the day it was in the middle 60s with blue skies and sunshine. 

This morning we hung around the Minnie but after lunch Larry went outside to do a little project on the Minnie. The other day the mowers came around and mowed. When Larry dumped the tank he discovered there was a hole in the hose, the mowers probably hit it with their weed wacker. When we were in Walmart we bought a replacement hose. Larry decided it was a perfect day to repair it because it wasn't too hot or too cold. He drug the old hose over to the side of the Minnie and removed the connections off both ends of the hose. Then he put them on the new hose. He had to replace this same hose about 6 years ago for the same reason, he said it was easier this time.

I don't know if I told you that Larry bought me a new pair of tennis shoes off of Amazon, we had been to a couple of Academy Sports stores and they no longer carry the shoes I like but Larry found them on Amazon. Well, after Larry did his project I took my old shoes and the Minnie old hose to the dumpster and got rid of them.

It was so nice outside we decided to go to Zinnia Park in McAllen, which is very close by. We walked around the park for about a half hour. The park was very nice. It had a splash park, playground, sand volley ball court, a big grassy field to play in, a couple of ramadas, picnic tables and bathrooms. There were a lot of people using the park. Kids were playing in the splash park and on the playground. Other people were picnicking. One young girl was running around with her dog. She had a lot of energy and ran fast. We had a great walk in the park.  

Kids playing at the splash park, burr it had to be cold

Part of the grassy field to play in

Kids playing in the playground with parents

When we got home we visited with our neighbors. Then we had dinner. 

After dinner I walked around the RV park to get my steps done. I did 10,000 steps. We had a wonderful day.  

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