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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Monday 2-4 Dancing and Entertainment

Smile and have fun

Our friends from home, James and Jeanne have arrived in The Valley. We had a great time dancing with them at two dances that we don't normally attend. It was fun doing other dances and it is so nice to see and visit with friends that we miss.

James, Jeanne and Larry

In the morning we went to Casa Del Sol to dance Randy Dougherty's Monday Plus dance. We had exactly four squares. All the tips were run by a dance card, you're never sure who you're going to dance with. We ended up dancing a couple of tips with James and Jeanne. We had a wonderful morning of dancing. 

Casa Del Sol RV Park residents were serving lunch so after the dance we had lunch there. We shared a Sloppy Joe sandwich and a Bratwurst sandwich, the sandwiches came with chips. We had a piece of apple pie and Cool Whip for dessert. Randy and Rod ate lunch with us. We had a nice lunch. 

After lunch we went over to the American Legion Hall to Randy's DBD Workshop. We had four squares plus two extra couples. We ended up sitting out one tip and we danced a couple of tips with James and Jeanne. Randy brought his dog Abbey. It was nice to see her. Randy worked on Acey Deucey and Spin Change and Exchange the Gears. He put us in different positions. It was a lot of fun. At the end of the dance Abbey thanked everyone by barking. She is a very well behaved dog.

Jeanne, James and me hanging out together
Randy having fun calling

Jeanne enjoying dancing to Randy

In the evening I went over to the clubhouse for the J-5 entertainment, this week it was Sherwin and Pam Linton. There was about 70 people there. Sherwin Linton has been performing old Country, 50's Rock and Gospel music for 63 years and has a great voice. His wife Pam has been performing with him for 40 years and she also has a great voice. They normally perform with a six piece band but in The Valley they only have a guitar player with them. He also sings and is always smiling. It was a fun night of entertainment.

Sherwin and Pam Linton

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